Midway-TWIYgrail-grid: Chilo Grudge Match deck

steevo15 110

This is the Corp deck I took to Chilo grudge match, the tournament that was in Louisville Kentucky last Saturday (Jan 24th). I came 32nd out of 62. Note that for the purposes of the tournament, Astroscript was errata'd to one per deck. Normally I'd have 3 instead of the 2 Character Assassinations.

This deck went 2-4. I was disappointed that this deck didn't win more than it did, as I had positive testing experience with it before the tournament. All of my losses were pretty close games though, so I think this deck has some promise and I'm going to continue to keep playing with it.

The games I lost, I ran into problems with agenda flood and drawing into econ assets when I needed ice. I think that this can be fixed with the change of -1 Marked Accounts and +1 Jackson Howard.

Ideally the main goal with this deck is to tax, tax, tax with Midway Station Grid and multi-sub ice. Protect centrals first, then set up a scoring server. Econ assets are installed either with no ice or maybe a Pop-up Window protecting them. Midway Station Grid goes in your scoring server and depending on the match up over either R&D or HQ.

This is a really fun deck to pilot, constantly catching people off guard with grail ice subroutines and ridiculously expensive servers. Weak against Parasite, Morning Star, and dog icebreakers.

Comments/Suggestions appreciated!