Zer0 is #1 (7th at Worlds 2022).

CritHitd20 6487

My variant on the Snarebears Freedom list, optimized for only two things: finding/installing Endurance ASAP, and using Zer0 as effectively as possible. I lost access to Mad Dash with these choices, but in exchange I could reliably contest anything I wanted; there were 0 unintentionally failed runs in the tournament and this list went undefeated.

The worst card in the deck was Liberated Accounts. I don't know what I would replace them with immediately if anything. They were much better when Boom/HHN R+ was a more threatening entity, but Pinsel Wu scared everyone off of that list.

Credit goes pretty much entirely to the Snarebears; I just took their hard work and added more money.

13 Oct 2022 x3r0h0ur