koga's Hivemind MaxX - [ 2 - 2 ] 2nd @ Turin SC

ALFlex 13

koga and I were worried of Kakugo, but I should've been worried of koga

Hey There! Saturday I finally met in person some people of Italian Netrunner Community and it was a blast.

But when i met koga first thing he said to me was: (we both agreed to bring Hivemind at the tournament) "you know, Kakugo is good card, let's slot one more Chisel instead of Clot. How many people you think will bring Sports tomorrow?". Spoiler no one of my opponents had Kakugo and my first oppo was Sports. But the real deal was that i shouldn't have been worried of Kakugo, as i said, but koga himself, because he can see in the future or read my mind or something and being able to draw instantly the perfect answer. He is absolutely bonkers.

So basically this is koga's Hivemind MaxX list.

All in all, it was a great tournament, plenty of awesome people and i thank everyone to let me get in the awesome Italian Netrunner Community.