Sneaky Mill strikes again (1st/undefeated at AUNZ Salv Mem)

nbkelly 853

I literally found out about this tournament five minutes before it started, so I had to hunt through my old decklists for something to play.

searching for a deck to play

This is almost the same as my previous Az list. I genuinely haven't played with salvaged memories at all, and my last netrunner game was before it came out.

The tourney was fun - this deck went undefeated (once again) all day, going 3 for 0.

The plan is roughly the same:

  • Hopper + Paragon + Dreamnet for value,
  • Boomer siphon value
  • Hide fisk and blackfile for as long as you can
  • Sometimes you can float a tag in order to force your opponent to spend money trashing things - hoppers give you scorch protection for free
  • Don't be afraid of using data dealer to stay in the game
  • Andrej said 2 Miss Bones were mandatory in this meta, so I added one of those
  • Hoppers can make you very much immune vs CTM and argus

That's basically it. I won games 1&2 through mill, and won game 3 through scoring out in an absolute nailbiter of a game. I genuinely didn't realize sea scorch was back until I hit a scorched with stargate game 1.