ATiea Surveying the Plantation.

Shockwave 17

So I built this deck 5 Days ago, and have play 9 games with it and have gone 7/2, mostly on - Which is off the charts good for me.

Replanting seems to be a rather good card here as it allows you pull back a Rez Spin to re-install, get ATeia trigger to make the scoring remote DEEP, or pull an almost depleted Regolith or to save a copy of Charlotte from your primary remote. With ATeia it will give you 3 installs, 1 in each remote and an extra where you choose.

With Genotyping and the high ICE count don't be afraid to over install Spins if needed. The high ICE makes it likely that the 2 you bin from top of R&D are lose-able.

For the ICE, Surveyor is an obvious choice as a 4+ Primary remote is highly likely and easy to build and Str8 or 10 Surveyor is a beast, and it's a chance you'll have two of them on the server. Lotus was chosen due zero str ice destruction, but you could mix them up with Enigma's and additional Tributary's if thats your fancy. Bran was picked as a one of to have a Barrier that meant something instead of just Tatu-Bola.

Most of the other choices should be self-explanatory

The loses were due to getting Knifed twice by turn 3 then put on the Wizards chest clock, The other was due to getting Doof'd to a pauper than Twinning'd to finished.

3 Apr 2024 Stwyde

This is a really similar deck to what I was trying out earlier. I'm kinda curious if swapping out a Bran for a Boto is worth it since you can trash an agenda from hand if you have regenesis installed.

Similarly the influence is nice to spend on Vovo then who makes the rez costs much more manageable.

4 Apr 2024 Shockwave

@StwydeI had entertained Boto, but the Str6 not being online till threat 4 and the NEED to trash for the end run both bothered me. With Anoetic I can end the run if needed.

Ref Volo and Rez costs, on the primary remote you don't need to rez everything, the existance of ice on the Remote supports the Surveyors in the heaavy lifting