Double Check your Decklists (2-1-1 @ NANPC Boston, 7th)

erika 139

slightly modified

I expected corps that are trying to play fair aren't the place to be right now, and with the unwinnable matchup of imp/knob now gone, I thought forking people with Fujii/Punitive was a good place to be - Credit to Ysengrin for the suggestion. I beat Santa's Hosh, Notagain's Hosh (on stream), and lost to Alex Boyd's Ari in the swiss before drawing into top 8, where I played against Alex again only to take a game loss to my decklist being wrong.

All in all, I don't know that RH was the rightest choice, but I don't think it was a wrong one. There were some corps that were playing a lot less actual netrunner than this in the top cut that are just nasty.

Thanks to Notagain, Whiteblade, Ysengrin and everyone else for a sick tournament, and shoutout to Aksu for calling this a toxic tier-2 deck in stream chat

27 May 2024 aksu


28 May 2024 rongydoge

amazing showing erika wpwp <3

31 May 2024 Fanakito

I played against this one in the Summer Showdown and I stole for a GNK the next weekend. It feels like the worst deck for the Reg Hoshiko, for sure. Not sure if I would label it as "toxic" but I feel it can punish very hard a single mistake.

1 Jun 2024 jeanguerrero

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