Chicken Prison - 3rd place, SC2017 @ The Attic

gpking 137

Store Championship @ The Attic - 06-May-2017

Game 1 vs. Aaron (Valencia Estevez) = Won

Managed to get 3 Turtlebacks up and installed a mix of assets and agendas naked for econ. Won by scoring out agendas installed on naked remotes early.

Game 2 vs. Di-Anne (Ele "Smoke" Scovak) = Won

Runner scored to 6 points quite early on before I started to do anything. She eventually hit blanks on R&D and I managed to shuffle with Museum of History and throw agendas out naked and sparingly scoring out.

Game 3 vs. Choon Ling (Andromeda) = Timed Loss

Runner managed to get Salsette Slums out early and managed to permanently remove some assets.

Top 4 Cut - Upper Bracket Game 1 vs. Choon Ling (Andromeda) = Won

Rematch of Game 3 against Choon Ling. This time without the early Salsette Slums so I was able to recur some assets. Won the game by flatline when the runner ran into Chiyashi in R&D without enough credits to install Paperclip and only 3 cards in hand.

Top 4 Cut - Upper Bracket Game 2 vs. Nard (Andromeda) = Lost

Runner managed to establish a decently early lock on my R&D with 1 R&D Interface out. Despite being flooded with agendas (which I installed into naked remotes for the long period) and hit by Account Siphon twice, I was still able to score out 3 House of Knives and a Braintrust before the runner stole the 1 out of 2 agendas from 5 unrezzed remotes. Aaron Maron decided to show up early in this game and was able to amass a lot of counters (I think it was like 12-14 counters total?) rendering the threat from multiple House of Knives ineffective.

Post-tournament thoughts:

Janus 1.0 a big sink of influence that is probably better spent elsewhere. I didn't like multiple copies of The Future Perfect that I think a lot of other RP decks run due to the fact that they are extremely hard to score. The ability to score out as a win condition is something I'd like to be able to do even in prison decks. The rest of the deck is pretty much similar to other prison decks except I included NASX and PAD Campaigns because I needed real creds to advance naked agendas.

7 May 2017 str4atman

Lesson learnt. Cut 4 more influence to put in 2 more Salsette Slums.

8 May 2017 SizemattersHS

Im waiting for the updated version :)