HQ sends it's Thank you and regards [Throwback, Undefeated]

Porkobolo 279

EMEA 2024 just finished, and i want to publish this decklist only to say THANK YOU (and i want to specify that this is my thank you post, @Atien will post one on her own later). The event was a blast, and the merit of this has to go to all the voluteer that helped us making this EMEA concrete. It was hard to manage, and we would have been lost without you all. Being more specific:

  • Thank you PSK for answering to Atien's request, whenever we needed some answer you pointed her to the right direction.

  • Thank you Cros for being such a wholesome human being and for helping us in the months before the event, deciding how to use the spaces that we had. Also, on Thursday we had a lot of problems and you were at the venue on our behalf, coordinating all the people that wanted to help.

  • Thank you Wowarlock, we trusted you to organize all the events that weren't the main one (so throwback and every sunday side event), and you exceed our greenest predictions: you worked on Aesop's Table for the Throwback event and were PERFECT on sunday, such an Amazing TO. Also, thank you Baralai for creating the most amazing side event with your special Cube, everyone that played your Cube knows that is a wonder, just like you.

  • Thank you Jan Tuno, now everyone knows you for being the winner of this incredibile Continental, but i know also all the work you made on the discord server, if everyone got an answer is because you've taken this responsibility and carried it with such diligence. Also, thank you Mr Pelle because you also helped with this, and you're so humble that you were not even recognizing the help you gave us.

  • Thank you OF15-15, YOU ARE AMAZING. We trusted you a very costly streaming equipment, and you managed it alone with great success. We could have forgot to check, you were so perfect. Also, such great energy, you were everywhere helping everyone, i honestly think you're like the human representation of youthness, maybe only the good parts of it.

  • Thank you Koga, Alflex and Tempest, you covered the commentary of this event and i think that now everyone will say to you that you should it more often, Alflex was like the perfect partner in crime and Tempest...well, we all know how good you are, but you manage to allways surprise us. Also, thanks to all the people that helped giving Koga, Alflex and Tempest a moment to breathe.

  • Thank you Harmonbee, one of the best lead judge i've ever seen. I did not knew you, but i feel like we could easily be friend! Also, thanks to all the Judges: Krys, RainbowMonkey, Herbart, Jakuza, Galehar.

  • Thank you Jakuza, i feel like when you're around us Atien is more serene, it's like a superpower of yours. I should thank you for a lot of other things, like the incredible side event prizes, but for me this was the most meaningful thing and i want to let you know that is so easy to be around you, this community owe you a lot for so many different reasons.

  • Thank you Tag Mill, your shop is so beautiful and you were like sugar on top of our event. I will always root for you!

  • Thank you Vectorz and Ninki, you were at data entry and were always smiling, i felt so many positive vibes from you and i think that it's true also for the reporting player. The power that a smile at the right time can have is incredibile!

  • Thank you Lukenukem, you have taken care of the shop with such skill, it's clear you're a Retailer. But i really want to underline you're empathy: on saturday night Atien helped taking "home" some runners that lost the last busses, and on the way back the phone charger stopped working and she had a panic attack, on 2 am, because she was lost somewhere far from home (and she was alone, i had to take care of other runners so we had to split). The next morning she was still kinda "upside down", and when people started asking her question while cobra started having Issues (and while she was in a hurry because the venue opened later than what we agreed for) she had a meltdown, having another panic attack. When you've seen that we were having problems and that i was kinda taking care of Atien you just stepped ahead and managed the shop, even if you agreed to voluteer for the shop only on saturday. I was in a difficult spot, and you helped me when i needed the most, without saying anything - just helping. I will never forget, thank you deeply.

  • Thank you, players, you were marvelous as always. I've seen so many people having the best time of their life, hugging and smiling, and has we always say: you come for the game, and stay for the people. For me it's incredible to think that we just brought people from Texas, Russia, Australia and many other far places to Bergamo, and i hope that the beautiful colour of your personality will ling here in Italy, and in our memory, for long.

  • Thank you NSG: you choose to trust us, and i hope we met your expectations. I love this game and this community, and if i can still live those beatiful days is because you're working on even more nice things for us!

...oh, the deck? You really want to know after all those words? Just score a timely public release and keep an Edge of World in hand, than you can rush agenda in the remote knowing that if the runner will run on it you can use the timely to install an ice on the remote and a-teia install the edge after the runner said that he wants to continue and breach the server. Of course it dies on central pressure, but you will laugh very hard and evily most of the time.

2 Jul 2024 jan tuno


2 Jul 2024 wowarlok

I love you, despite you never spelling my name right ❤️

2 Jul 2024 Porkobolo

@wowarlok with all the due respect…who does? ❤️

2 Jul 2024 OF15-15

10/10 would do again. Thanks to you for organizing this amazing event <3

2 Jul 2024 Virulentz

It was a pleasure to meet you and Atien in person :)

3 Jul 2024 cros


3 Jul 2024 koga

Much, much love. It's hard for me to properly express all my gratitude to you, Atien and everyone else, but know that I feel it very deeply

3 Jul 2024 Jakuza

Much thanks to you and Atien as well <3

4 Jul 2024 harmonbee

You and Atien did such an incredible job with the event, and I'm so happy that I got to be a part of its huge success. Thank you for being so welcoming and I really hope I get to see you again soon!

Also briefly on the deck: absolutely amazing idea, I was also considering Edge of World because it's a pet card of mine and I'm delighted it performed so well!