Restoring Jinteki - 7th@ Worlds 6-2 - King of Swiss

Bridgeman 2321

Alternative name: “Cornerder Animal” xD - Shoutout to Jinsei

Might do a proper stream on my channel going over these decks and the worlds experience, preparation if that is of interest :)

Check out my vanilla ass runner over here.

Special shoutout to Sebastiank, who is a pretty dope dude but also made the list that I based mine on.

In short, runners nowadays in general get value from running, so let’s disincentivize that with lots of spiky ice, funded by a beast of a money engine, and quickly get to 4 before the runner is ready to handle our threats. The deck is amazing and lots of fun #notameme. 10/10 would pivot to jinteki for worlds again, can recommend.

Shoutouts and feels in the runner writeup. AMA

22 Oct 2023 Sauc3

Jinteki king yet again!

Would be very interested in watching that stream..

22 Oct 2023 xiaat

Nice meeting you, looking forward to the stream!

22 Oct 2023 Diogene

Congratulations on your success.

Why Saisentan rather than Anemone? Is it for the 3 subs? I would have thought that Anemone, when placed on archive, gives a guaranteed 2 damages, which would help toward using Punitive Counterstrike.


22 Oct 2023 sebastiank

You're my hero for top 8'ing with this. Congrats on the insane 5-year streak, and enjoy your well-deserved retirement... until we lure you back in, of course :)

22 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

Thanks @sebastiank❤️ Yes until you lure me back in 😂

@xiaatAnd you as well:)

@Diogene Saisentan is a much more punishing facecheck and more taxing, the punitive threat is typically strong enough as is so we prefer to have generally stronger ice :)

@Sauc3Weird for a traditional NBN fan to be here, but I love it 😄 Sounds like the stream will be a thing 😄

11 Nov 2023 KryptikRVR

Just started playing NR again after stopping just before the Kitara Cycle. Picked up this deck 4 days into my re-learning the game and testing on Jinteki.

Currently 7w 1l (maybe people are playing a little more aggressive on Jnet) This deck is brutal. I love it.

11 Nov 2023 Bridgeman

@KryptikRVRAwesome to hear, cheers!