F*** it up to the tempo

emilyspine 1406

fuck it up to the tempo

Same as it ever was

13 Nov 2019 JuniperTheory

:0 i like this deck.. what made you choose SEASource over HHN?

13 Nov 2019 emilyspine

@JuniperTheory Everyone on jnet seemed to have misdirection so HHN seemed bad value and I kept being in situations where SEA Source would swing the game

15 Nov 2019 swan

Before Zer0 CV and open lists in the cut took it out of the question no HHN but yes SEA Source CtM was the secret Joseki tech for Nats '18

15 Nov 2019 SeeHearType

Hope when you eoi'd agendas you threw em like a girl. Came for the deck name, stayed for the lists.

18 Nov 2019 valerian32

cool deck = )

18 Nov 2019 mac hakers