Hall Monitor

Thike 1203

This is corp deck I took to US Nationals 2018. A rush/glacier hybrid designed to not really need anything in hand because of the plague of Clan Vengeance decks I (rightly) expected. Early game you rush out as much as you can, with Corporate Sales Team obviously being the preferred score. Mid-late game you build a moderate remote and score using Surveyor and Ash. I ended up 4-2 with this deck.

I previously had 3 Surveyor over the Architect, but was suggested to get Jeeves in the mix. I previously has Calibration Testing in those two slots. I think I prefer the 3rd Surveyor over Architect, but the Jeeves was definitely a good call. Whether it's a 5 credit tax while you're rushing or just tempo, the bioroid is bae.

Something I heavily considered was Scarcity of Resources. While it's an amazing card it never felt right in here, likely because you're going to bleed agendas as you rush, and the resources spent playing it could better go towards just winning. Employee Strike is a pain, but not so much that you need a counter current. The only other current I faced was Corporate "Grant", but I just powered through that with my ability.

Only change I'd consider is -1 Archangel +1 Enigma. Archangel rarely fired, and I'd like a little more ETR ice early for rushing.

And remember: Endless EULA, Endless EULA, Wraparound is actually a pretty good scoring server.