Ghost Drop Rates (2nd at Waco SC - Undefeated)

errantmage 336

I took this deck of along with some 'good blue stuff' to Waco's The Game Closet SC and managed to win every game with it. The tournament was ostensibly Eternal, but the TO clarified it was to allow the Waco scene to bring old decks they love, not high-end degeneracy, so the Austin cohort brought (mostly) Standard stuff and we had a great day! I came in second because I ID'd with the two people who rode in the car with me, but this deck didn't drop any games all day, including the casual games we played in those slots.

Card Choices and Game Plan

I've been playing various Outfit decks for the last few months, trying to find one that delivers consistently, and this is what I finally iterated to, with some changes (mostly the Prisecs) incorporated form Davo's Ghost Outfit list. I didn't see a single IDR all day, and based on my match results I'd suggest cutting them for a second Snare and a Preemptive or Fast Track.


Unlike my runner deck, the wins here were far luckier.

Round 1 vs Robert on an MWL 2.2 Geist deck with OCA and Trash breakers: it didn't take long to get HHN off, and after that it wasn't long until the High Profile turned up.

Round 2 vs Peter on Econ Denial Geist: We ID'd then we played a casual match where Geist kept me poor with Corporate Grant installs on both turns, but it turned when he went fishing in HQ with only two cards and smacked into the 1x Snare when I had exactly 4 credits.

Round 3 vs Brandon on Apoc 419: After the Apoc, Brandon also smacked into the 1x Snare on two cards.

Round 4 vs a Waco person whose name I didn't catch on E3 / ABR Adam: HHN came down as expected since ABR meant interacting every turn, and Adam played around Boom instead of HPT, setting up a Plascrete and drawing to survive the 7 meat damage instead of clearing a tag to prevent taking 8.

Result: After the 4 rounds of Swiss with no real desire from the top 4 for a cut (being Sunday and all), the TO called it, and I came in second overall due to IDs and SOS.


Shoutout to @KingFaraday for organizing the whole tournament and @branimated for driving us all to Waco! Also @Backslash for already having a bye!