Déjà Vu Gabe (4-0 at Retrunner 2021)

Frizzler 32

What is the most powerful Runner deck you can build out of three copies of the original core set?

Most players believe it is the "Gabesucker" deck with Gabe as identity, the anarch breaker suite and Datasuckers as support. Gabesucker is truly a very powerful deck in this metagame.

However, for my personal taste and playstyle, the "Déjà Vu Gabe" is even more appealing. It was the backbone for me grabbing the first place in the 2021 Retrunner tournament.

With Déjà Vu, you can recycle your powerful cards: Siphon up to six times or Parasite up to six times. And you can facecheck without any regret: If something gets lost, bring it back later.

Talking about facechecking: Many thanks to Spraybizzle for capturing my match in the final round.

I ate a Snare! in turn 1 :-)

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