Moons Mashup 3rd at US Nats - ETX June 4 2017

bluebird503 1973

This is my mash up of several moon variants into a very strange looking but powerful deck. @grogboxer and I both played this to a top 16 finish although Raj had a Crisium grid instead of third turtle backs and didn't play tech startup.

I am pretty excited about finishing third at US nationals it was better than I expected given my preparation but I am very happy with it.

Special shout out to my team Brian Williams, Raj , and Timmy who helped. Thanks to all my opponents for amazing games. Thanks to Yoshi for some last minute help. And thanks to Patrick Day for hosting ETX the venue was awesome and really enjoyed it.

5 Jun 2017 grogboxer

I'm biased, obviously, but I think this version is probably one of the better, or at least more flexible, Moons decks right now. Great job to Kyle for going undefeated with it! I'm too timid to not play Crisium so that's why I had it, and it did great for me on the day.