ReaDee, Willing and Sable (6th at Worlds)

DeeR 1423

Hi all!

This is the Sable deck I took to 6th at Worlds.

Wasn’t that like, 4 weeks ago? Everyone else in the top 16 made their claims already.

Static Intensifies

I decided to try a strategy I hadn’t done before; after several tournaments where new players won after getting a ton of grinding in, I decided to focus on quantity over quality this season. In the month leading up to worlds, I played this deck (or a variation) about 250 times. It paid off, because I knew this deck forward and backwards, and it seemed like while a few people teched aggressively for crim, it was enough of a left field choice to not be a reliable counterpick for other testing groups.

I didn’t really make any wild decisions with this deck besides feeling very strongly that Nuka slaps and you want three in a deck so draw starved. At the last minute I swapped 1 maemi for a prepaid and 2 falsified credentials for Bahia bands, which was great. Bahia is such a fun card here, because you can put the Hermes on the run before it’s over and then oops I just ruined your board.

Anyways, being able to actually win a game in the top cut has been a dream of mine since going 0-2 in 2021; I never would have dreamed of getting this far and I’m excited to strive to get even further in the future. Love you QtM. Love you bears. Love you Jeff and PSK and Ed and Rainbow and everyone who organized the coolest event of the year. See you in Worlds: New Jersey: 2024.


6 Nov 2023 Bridgeman

Bridgeman called, he wants his deck name back xD

Congratz on a great performance! :)

6 Nov 2023 DeeR

Got too much brand loyalDee

8 Nov 2023 Paillu

Really incredible job, so happy to get to know you better ahead of and through worlds.

9 Nov 2023 lenkalee266

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9 Nov 2023 DeeR

Wow, @Paillu @ippanvitate @lenkalee266 I can see your game. All three of you are obvious spammers. For shame

9 Nov 2023 Shishu

I always think they could never do a worlds in New York, but I never considered there's a cheap alternative. Nuka's good draw tho, RIP DreamNet.