Master of None

DarthIA 91

Master of None

The image goes with a recent episode of academic forgery by a (now former) Spanish politician. Sorry but I couldn't help myself :)

Here I bring the latest incarnation of your favorite education monopoly. This list is a mixture between Proprietary Education and Board State Blues decks, so credit goes to their authors for sparking the flame.

I won't go too much into the gameplay since it is basically the same as in those other lists. In essence, you want to bounce each and every card the runner installs, or at least their breakers. In particular, bin breakers will have a bad time against this deck, if the runner just discards them relentlessly.

I piloted the deck in a GNK with a perfect record (2 wins and a timed win), and it worked flawlessly. I didn't have to use Marcus Batty at all, but I think is a solid inclusion, especially because it can land a tag or bounce a key breaker when needed. I really liked Death and Taxes, since you get soooo much money from it, and it is fundamental to have spare currents when you play with News Hound, which has become my favorite yellow ICE. Another MVP is Self-Growth Program, since it can disrupt (or even crush if timely played) the runner's game plan.

I wouldn't change much... if maybe try to add another SEA Source, but just try it out and let me know in the comments how it fares!

6 Jun 2018 hechigenio

This deck is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us! Cifuentes, you are the best!