Bigger Steve (aka Sideboard Steve) (1-4 at Hungarian Nats)

vesper 202

What happens when you're fresh off a large helping of post-Worlds meta and are not eager to cut any "good stuff" cards from a hodge-podge collection? This deck.

If you cut the extra 5 cards, depending on your expected meta, you'll get a functional and competitive Steve that everyone's ready for, I assume ;-)

Big thanks to Necro for organizing and to all my opponents for fun games! Finally, congrats to Odol for a great run! Why so many programs? Because I'm averse to not being able to break ice and getting bounced or trounced by it.

Why so many resources? Because they all do good things for you, in the right matchup.

Why 50 cards? Hey, let me tell you about MaxX's lower limit of 45 cards ;-)

29 Nov 2021 5N00P1

70 Cards Steve here we go....