Cheeky Palana (last place 0 - 1 intercontinentals)

nbkelly 853

Original deck notes:

This is essentially a red version of my (surprisingly popular) Contract Killer Outfit deck from the NZ Nationals.

In my notes I had written "scarcity stays in the deck until it gets banned." You're basically playing a combination of grind and tempo. Sometimes you can use Hellheim servers to splat the runner. Sometimes you can use it after the runner commits to an access to discard all your non-snare cards from hand and force a splat.

I lost my only game to Syd7's hoshiko. I ground him down to 2 cards, had an obokata with 2 counters on it, and had a snare in hand + snare in RnD. He ran RnD to see 4 of 28 cards and hit two SSL's. Unlucky, but that's the risk you take when you run 5/3s. Switch them to bacterial programming - I wanted to before the tourney, but chickened out.

If you have prisecs down on a central, you can cast 'An Offer You Can't Refuse' into the prisecs, then follow it up with a High-Profile Target for 3 damage per prisec (or they just let you win). Alternatively, prisecs + obokata can leave a very tricky proposition for the runner. Clear 2 tags and go broke + stay at no cards in hand, or draw up and then take damage from HPT.

8 Aug 2020 Cpt_nice

This is a spicy list