Esâ is the bomb! 3rd at the second AMT

ReinaMorada 342

This is the deck I played during the second AMT.   I usually am a shaper player, but as I don’t really see a chance for us, poor green lovers, to play competitively at the moment, I made a choice: to play a “revenge” deck. The basic philosophy behind this deck is as simple as this: If I don’t get to play the way I’d love to, you won’t either :P   That said, Esâ is super fun to play with (yet maybe not to play against.. sorry, not sorry for that) and forced me to completely change my usual, much safer and prudent, play style. To play with this deck, you have to be ready to go fast or go home, to be extremely aggressive, while feeling like on a rollercoaster the entire game.

Cards in your hand don’t matter, take as many core damages as you can, no matter what you’re scarifying (DJ Ferris is there for you). You’re not afraid of face-checking, especially if you’re running with a Bravado or, even better, a Raindrops. The first thing card you want to play is usually the tongue, whereas an early Marrow works great against Sports and other fast corps.   Cards choices:   - Time bomb. I’m a huge fan of this card. I cannot explain why or even if this is a strong card, I just love it. So, even though my friends wouldn’t include it, I went for it. No regrets. I know the bomb is slow and that gives time to the corp to work around its effect, so maybe Nga would be a better pick... Let me know what you think!   - Bravado. Is this really how I want to spend all this influence? I’m on the fence here. I kinda like it, but I’m not completely sold on it.   - DJ Fenris. I really think this is a great card in Esâ. The obvious choice is Steve, who gives even a greater value to your Chastushka.   - Legwork. While you keep sabotaging, agendas tend to accumulate in HQ. If you can’t get the points you need to win in archives, go look for them in HQ. I’m seriously thinking about changing the influence to include a second copy of Legwork.   - Hippocampic Mechanocytes. The 2 influences you need for the second Legwork ;)   - Finality. If you can find a spot or two for Finality, go for it. I don’t find it to be essential, but I wouldn’t be against having it.   Performance on the Day

The deck won against Issuaq Adaptics (@Shadowdragon) and Outfit (@Girometics), then lost on streaming in the worst game I’ve ever played (sorry for that) against the most hellish PE I’ve ever seen (@tempest). I took a 241 in round 4 winning a great, super fun game against OB (@FreeformJazz), then won again in the top 4 second round against The Outfit (@aksu). Finally, I lost my second game against PD (@rubenpieters), but that’s on me, ‘cause of my poor choices XD With a better piloting, I’m confident that Esâ could have won that MU.   A final thanks to @ChaosIsMe for always sharing the decks he builds with me, to NSG and @pspacekitten in particular for running the tournament and to all my oppos who had to endure the sabotage. About that: please please please make shaper great again and I’ll stop with the bombs, I promise ;)

21 Apr 2023 Jinsei

I'm also sorry, hellish is entirely appropriate.

Esa is indeed the bomb! Was great playing you, hopefully less hell next time :)

22 Apr 2023 ReinaMorada

Deal, less hell next time XD Congrats again!

23 Apr 2023 rotage

As a fellow shaper player I fully endorse your revenge philosophy. Great deck and congrats on the result

23 Apr 2023 ReinaMorada

Thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you :)

25 Apr 2023 exzo777

I play similar deck without legwork and dirty laundry. I just can't win. Problems with eco and development (a lot of manual draw). A lot of running events which doesn't help your rig.

27 Apr 2023 ChaosIsMe

I agree, manual draw is a problem and I'm currently working on it! But dirty laundry helps you with eco and I don't think you really need to be that rigged... Botulus in HQ, Ghosttongue and Marrow (at some point) are basically all the board you need, right?

27 Apr 2023 ReinaMorada

You're both absolutely right on the drawing side and econ can be an issue sometimes, but I think a better drawing engine would fix it. And yes, Botulus is your BF ;)

28 May 2023 CryOfFrustration

Does anyone ever play the running hots in these decks? I find myself always discarding them. Under what circumstances would you play them?