Road Runner (1-3 Tulsa Regional)

Venali 607

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Hoo boy was this a hot pile of garbage. I mean I knew it would be (Much like my runner I threw this together an hour before the tournament for funzies), but I thought that at least one game on the day would get the UCF to fire and give me a solid scoring window. Turns out when every matchup is Pirate, Nexus, Brahman, or EStrike spam this ID is turrible.

Primary mistake, I think, was trying to make it with the same game plan as Azmari. It just doesn't have the money to support this ice suite, and requiring that 7th agenda puts you in very awkward positions (Particularly when you're me and go for the troll factor of BCP over Beale).

But hey, I had fun with it regardless. I doubt Acme will come out of my binder in the future, however.

6 Jul 2018 Sanjay

I appreciate your commitment to inspiring us all to be better citizens.