Stimhack Cache Refresh: 2nd place

internet_potato 961

@fightingwalloon organized a jnet cache refresh tournament. This deck took me to 3rd in swiss, second overall.

Changes to decks (but not deluxe selection or ID) were allowed between rounds, but this deck is fairly representative of what I played throughout. Having lots of money solves problems (most specifically, HHN out of SYNC), and this deck aims to have a lot of money.

Primary econ plan is Temujin, but switching to Magnum Opus and mashing the money button is good if you can get a decent head start.

Other than that, R&D pressure through Equivocation and HQ pressure through The Gauntlet is the name of the game. Ideal game starts with early pressure, then moneying up and charging Net Mercur, then camping remotes and making high impact central runs.

This tournament was a blast, and the tech choices made between rounds were really fun. 10/10 would recommend.