[Classique 2023] Supermodernism Argus

ClassiqueBubbles 10

7 Nov 2023 cursor

Deck Advice, courtesy of Nemamiah

What Your Deck Does

This is an evolution of the Supermodernism archetype; your aim is to very aggressively score agendas, and then punish the runner with a flatline threat if they try to disrupt you. Quickly build a taxing remote, and then chain positive agenda scores before the runner can establish their own board state. You can tag the runner either through a Hard Hitting News or with your combination of tagging ice and upgrades; use Border Control to force the runner through Data Raven multiple times. Once they’re tagged High Profile Target will end the game, but you’ll win just as many games by scoring out as by killing the runner.

What To Mulligan For

One scorable agenda, one or more ice to score it behind, one economy card.

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

You’re typically looking to try to score a Project Atlas or Oaktown Renovation no later than turn 3, usually behind a one or two ice remote, with a gear check like Ice Wall or Hortum preferred. Always try to score Project Atlas with at least one token, and then use the ability either to find and score your next agenda, or land an Economic Warfare in to Hard Hitting News if the runner dips low enough on credits.

Once you enter the mid game your remote should start to focus on click compressing the runner. Between Data Raven, Border Control, Prisec and the identity ability your aim is to force any turn in which the runner challenges the remote to end with them tagged. Place those ice accordingly; more taxing pieces like Mausolus should instead be placed on centrals, and you should be focusing on deterring easy central runs rather than stopping them entirely.

You will be vulnerable late game, so aim to get to five points so that you can close the game with Audacity. As much as possible you will need to set the tempo of the game for the runner to respond to, so err on the side of being too aggressive rather than too defensive. If the runner ever plays Mining Accident you should usually take the bad publicity rather than letting the instant economy hit throw off your speed. Likewise, don’t be afraid to take bad publicity to help you accelerate your own scoring schedule.