dessert_cactus Amazing Archer v2 (3-2 A2A 15th Swiss)

lanzaa 8

This is a netdeck of [Startup] Punitive Archers Mk2 (Feedback welcome!) further modified by the user Diogene in the comments. Their respective writeups are probably better than anything I can write here.

Of the 3 games I won, 2 were a double punitive, with the final game being a fancy triple punitive. As with most earth station decks, this can be dreadfully slow with many turns being click for cred 3 times.

In the games I lost the runner basically gained an early credit advantage. This allows them to both avoid puntive death and also get their gear out to get past my ice. By rezzing lots of ice, you slowly depart from any potential punitive plays.

Best part of this deck is always the runner's reaction when that second (or third) punitive drops :)