Toy Machine (15th at EUAC 21)

Shorty 185


All of my games of Continentals can soon be find on Rosenheim City Grid.

The deck is based on Jai's amazing N E U R+ O from the Singapore Store Champs.

It combines the winconditions of killing the Runner with a Neuro+Reeducation-Cheese-Combo while threatening HHN+Boom. I switched around a lot with the ICE Suite, as well cutting all NGOs from the list in favor of Amaze Amusements (which really shines in the deck).

For a basic understanding of the gameplan please read Jai's writeup!

Deck ended up 5-1 at Continentals. We neurospiked a Smoke, a Maxx and the event-winning-419 (big gratz to Django, gut gemacht!), while Boom!ing a Freedom and a Hoshiko. Only loss was to a well executed Apoc Maxx, and we totally deserved it there.