"Watch this. It'll be Sunny" (132nd at Worlds)

Sanjay 3429

I took this "updated" version of my Watch This, It'll Be Sunny deck to worlds this year and finished 3-3. I put updated in "quotes" because I think I mainly made it worse.

I missed Street Peddlers a lot in the CI and Titan matchups, and I faced CI and Titan a lot!

I think a much better version of this list is either the old list or the new list that @murphy put together. He did really well with his Sunny list and had a really good write-up about it and you should check it out.

The main really good Sunny tech I came up with for Worlds is if you have both a regular art Sunny and an alt art Sunny, you can flip her back and forth throughout the game, depending on how serious the situation is:

  • If CI has a bunch of credits and cards and you are desperately trying to find the winning agenda before they combo you out, you need to get your butt into the office and kick some ass.

  • If you are up against Door to Door Making News and you have a of 5 and all their ice doesn't do anything? That one you might be able to handle in your PJs sipping hot chocolate.

Anyhow, I had an absolutely magnificent time at Worlds. I love my friends and now I have a whole lot more of them. Thank you.

8 Nov 2017 Cpt_nice

Wasnt there any restricted card you wanted to run?

8 Nov 2017 Sanjay

Clone Chip is good in this deck but I figured SMC and DDoS would be more important to help versus rush. In retrospect I think the chips would have been better.

Replacing ADAP with Strike is theoretically also a fine idea if you have spare influence.