Jail House Lock (1st - Canberra Store Champs)

firesa 676

Argus deck for...well this is just Seamus' deck. I've been running versions of this deck for ages. If you like Argus you'll like this.

If there's one point I can't stress enough it's that scoring out is your Plan A, and getting two counters on an Atlas gets you 90% of the way to victory.

Deck took me to 1st in Swiss going 3-1, winning v Jesminder, Geist, and Smoke, and losing to a very cool Lat deck. Went 2-0 in the cut v Jesminder again (yep), and Adam in the final.

Switched away from Reversed Accounts in place of more Raven, but I kind of like Reversed accounts, so maybe I'll put those back in. Otherwise the deck is good, and pretty straight forward, and fun, and still rewards smart play when your draws are not ideal. Outside of playing around with Data Raven and Reversed Accounts numbers I'm not sure I'd bother changing anything right now.