When Chris Dyer gives you a list.. [Bratislava Regional 1st]

percomis 1151

.. to play in a Regional, you play that list and win that Regional. At least that's what happened in this exact scenario.

This a standard Strike Valencia list. You run, install breakers, collect TTW tokens and eventually ignore Surveyor remotes. Couple of things to note:

  • Indexing is still amazing, it wins games. Play Indexing.
  • This list has no Mining Accidents and I didn't really miss them. Leave those miners alone, they suffered enough.
  • CV + Zer0 are easy to include and they help in quite a few matchups (mostly ones that want to play a HHN and then punish you for having tags).
  • Not sure if Divice & Conquer is needed as you will access a bunch on R&D anyway while trashing the whole of HQ.
  • The combination of Turning Wheel + Aumakua early on is really strong, helps immensely to slow the corp down. 2 of each made perfect sense.

Finally here's Chris's favorite hippo, thank you for the list! hippo

15 Jul 2018 emilyspine

congrats Peter! agree on the mining accidents, I never have the tempo to play them as Val

15 Jul 2018 Nemamiah

+1 like for excellent branding