hold these lemons will ya

Soulcow 10

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20 Aug 2017 SillySod

How are you finding Polyhistor?

I'm planning to Fisk my way into rotation but hadn't thought of switching consoles. Better than desperado and gauntlet?

24 Sep 2017 Soulcow

@SillySod Sorry I'm only seeing your comment at this time! I was using gauntlet at first, but I noticed I wasn't using that much run based econ to leverage it - I'm merely using temujin to burst me for one turn or to keep making feints on HQ. I also wasn't really using Siphon because by the time I was set up it didn't matter anyway. So yeah I'm using Polyhistor right now and it is actually quite fun.

I've changed the deck to claim another spot for a GNK so I don't know if this version will change, or another will be posted, but you should check out my new version. It's a bit more passive, using feint and polyhistor to force the corp to draw another 2 cards following a Fisk Investment Seminar. And since jackson is gone, I'm not really that focused on multiaccess, just run either HQ or Archives to pick up agenda's ^^ That makes polyhistor ideal for this deck, and the one credit often does matter. I'm not really sure how I'm going to support all of this if the restricted list does drop :/