jan tuno 838

Deck went 1-3 at RAM 2.1 with some really close games :) I played some tag hate because I figured Liza would have been really strong in that pool, but it turned out I should have leaned into this strat harder.

Random notes:

  • Death and Taxes is really good with Crowdfunding, although maybe not worth the inf. Same for TechnoCo.
  • Liza was so abundant that ARES wasn't even necessary.
  • Keegan Lane was really good and should have been a 3x to kill turtles, even though some Lizas had backup breakers.
  • Game Changer would have won me 1-2 more games and should have definitely be included over some combination of current and Giordano (which is very lackluster when no Runner in the meta would steal a News Team).