RUDE DECK nightmare edition - 3rd Place at Berlin Regionals

boreira 602

From the various decks I like to play and was testing for Regio in Berlin each had some bad match ups. Finally decide on updated version of

or should say that one

Decided to go more for rig shooter style than tag punishment. One opponent call this deck a nightmare and its a good name for it. It is solid, fast, easy to play, has three wins conditions (fast scoring, program destruction, kill)

and weeps to clone chip, cries to film critic, often loose to both :)
(looking at you @Snoopi)

but didn't expected too many shapers and was good.

Cangrats to @Saan for great performance, thanks to organizers, awesome community will def come back to Berlin soon!

18 Jun 2019 Hangover_Glory

I know there are only 8 cards that the runner can trash in this build, but would there be any potential use for [Wake Up Call]? It would be a way to deal with CC and Film Critic, for sure.

I don't know if that's a potential answer, since it may be too slow, but it's always an in-faction option. Maybe go -1 Ice Wall and -1 Hostile for 2 Wake Up Calls?

18 Jun 2019 boreira

Dont cut hostile for sure, you could go -1 icewall +1Under the Bus for film critic but I would play two critics ;) so better dont bother that just do your thing. If you cut wall than consider not using Surveyor any more