[Startup] Crushed Fingers (Slight Return)

zombiak 19

2nd place in Startup Tournament in Katowice, 3rd place at a Circuit Opener 2023H1 minor changes to https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/0e367afc-8dbb-40bb-99ff-796d118eb20e/crushed-fingers-and-rug-pulls-insane-wr-guide-startup- by @Carki

Added a Tollbooth in place of Vasilisa but haven't installed it in four games, so it's tough to say if it is the right call. Two Vasilisas feel alright though, so I'd say it is a flexible spot. While the deck is rushy, it has enough assets to triple install in one turn when needed; players often ignore DBS which does a ton of work when searching for Seamless Launch. Reversed Account+Cryptocrash is brutal.