CritHitd20 5442

This is the corp I have had the most success with in the new meta. I am not convinced that I am spending inf optimally (I want Crisiums) nor that I am playing the correct agendas. I think you may want to try an 8 agenda deck with 3x GFI 3x Beale 1x Bellona and 1x 4/2 instead of clinging to the Azmari agenda suite. You definitely do NOT want to do 3x Bellona 3x SSL and 2 X/1s even if 15 Minutes is really good; it looks good but every time the runner has trashed an Echo Chamber I just think about how they would have won if it was a real point. Beale is the only agenda I'd consider instead of Degree Mill; Beale has much more utility, but Beale also is bad against Turntable in this particular build. With all of that said this deck has felt super strong to me, even if I don't like the do-little glacier play that it and Azmari rewards.

CVS is amazing right now and makes early game against 419 a breeze. As the meta continues to adapt we will see what ice is actually good; you definitely want Gold Farmer/IP Block/Slot Machine 3x, but idk about the rest. Your early game is a bit slower than Azmari, but I've found that if you keep calm and focus on protecting HQ early that you're a strong favorite by merit of how much the ID actually makes you if the runner actually tries to apply pressure. I'd argue that the main advantage this deck has in this meta beyond that NBN glacier is very good right now is that Corporate Grant/DDoS are gone and therefore so are the ideal ways to keep GameNET from rezzing ice early on.

26 Jun 2020 ptc

Would Ash maybe be a better alternative to Bio Vault since it triggers the ID ability?

29 Jun 2020 enkoder

I "sleeved" this up for the BLM tourney and it went 5-1 taking me to the cut. Brilliant deck 👏