conobicchiere = good - 1st @ Bologna CO 2022

koga 1066

Conobicchere is just a funny name we call Knobkierie. I think the Bologna meta came up with it and honestly it's pretty great. The literal translation is something like cone glass.

Nothing major going on here, this is Pinsel's Worlds 2021 Hivemind list, from which I cut a DJ Fenris to get Aumakua back in and added a Clot thinking there was gonna be some Weyland FA. I was right about that, as the only losses this deck suffered were due to B4ralai's rude Fake Titan Argus deck. We agreed draws mattered those games, but I think he played them extremely well and the matchup isn't autowin for Hivemind.
Maybe I just don't know how to play the mu.

The deck ended up 4-2. I'm very happy I played this in the last tournament before rotation, even though I kinda wanted to go with Big Maxx. I also had some weird Sunny list and some Ankusa Wu shenanigans brewing but this list is always solid and fun to play. I faced Outfit, Azmari, Argus and PD on the day. I don't really remember much about the games themselves outside of being locked out a couple times, but getting the chance to meet all my friends again was clearly the highlight of the day.

Spanking them a bit made things better for sure :P