Architects (Stimhack Cache Refresh Tournament)

YankeeFlatline 219

Placed fifteenth with only a couple wins, did a lot better in CR testing in casual. Uses Biotic Labor, SSCG, or Elective Upgrade to fast advance 3/2's or 4/2's and never advance 5/3's in ideal situations. Really missed Ravana in this list, and Eli 1 of course, but you do what you can. You want to bash campaigns through a server with a Fairchild 1.0 in front of it, taxes the runner and let's you fire your ID, even better if you can get a Warroid in there. Use it to build a big tower of Bioroids for a scoring remote, if you get lucky with ABT and get 5 ice on that server early you can intimidate the runner into not running which is really a pretty good situation but then you get Apocalypse'd by a saucy Cambridge deck. :O

Put Roto and Static in so that there was some ice that couldn't be clicked through. When the runner expects to be able to click through everything you got it's nice to be able to surprise them. Loki could be an MVP out of this deck but I played my last game right as B&W came out so I didn't really get a chance to use him.