Mad Maxx 2: Indexing Boogaloo - 6th at Scottish Regionals

Terje 399

This is my slightly updated version of the Reg(ish) Maxx deck I played at Manchester regionals. The only change was dropping a Hacktivist for Mad Dash as I couldn't find my third Hacktivist.

Still as fun to play as ever, Maxx is great even without resorting to Clan Vengeance :P

D4v1d and Femme can both be great against Surveyour, and Imp can help you stay alive slightly longer in the situations you have to go tagme, or want to put an Obokata or other troublesome agendas in the bin.

Round 1 against Azmari: win. Got lucky with an Indexing and saw 2 Degree Mills. Ran back in to steal one and left the other one on top. Next turn I Legwork to steal the second one from HQ. Favourite play of the day. A few turns later I hit a SSL in HQ for the win with a 1 in 4 chance.

Round 2 against Argus: win. I don't remember too much of this game, got lucky with Indexing again and managed to stay up on money while stopping them from rushing out.

Round 3 against Argus: loss. They score an early Atlas with 2 tokens and I can't do anything to contest it. Forced to contest a double advanced GFI later with 3 cards in hand (2 x Levy and a Legwork) or lose the game. I know my opponent has HPT so I can't float a tag, and forced to take the damage on steal. It hits both my Levys, and a couple turns later my third Same Old Thing goes in the bin and the game is over not long after that.

Round 4 ID as I was up against Seamus (who ends up winning the regional) and I was reasonably sure I would get top 8 and a mat. Top 4 cut meant I missed out on extended SOS, but I would probably have dropped anyways.

Personally I think I'd like to go back to Inject, as I'm not finding I use Zer0 quite enough for fear of losing the cards I actually wanna keep.