SOCR8 Skorpios Tail

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In the spring we did a CR-pool snake draft online and I ended up cornered in on Skorp, an ID I had not played much. It gave me some different perspective on certain cards such as Kakugo and Snare! Fast forward to SOCR7 where I played Argus with Forced Connection and HPT. Preparing for SOCR8, I knew Crowdfunding would be a threat so I basically decided I would play Skorp just to not have to worry about Crowdfunding. At first, I loaded up my influence with a playset of Snare! and tried to rush my way to some wins with a favorably small decksize and Hunter Seeker as a backup plan. It wasn't working, and after a lot of sparring with BlackCherries and his criticisms of my deck ("How do you intend to win?") I decided to shift course. I kept the Snares and started leaning more heavily on the flatline and AP/Destroyer sentries. This version is just one of the many ICE suites I attempted over the weeks of the tournament. I leaned away from cards like Masvingo and Ice Wall and started using some unconventional ICE like Bloodletter, Formicary and Hailstorm. Bloodletter because it's cheap for me while being an annoying effect, Formicary as my budget Thimblerig, and Hailstorm as a bigger wall that's also on theme. This current version I made while teched against a Kit as well, so there are no Code Gates. City Works Project with Counterstrike is as good as it gets, while Forced Connection is a great trap out of R&D or HQ. Drudge Work is just a new card I wanted to try, but I'm not convinced it's better than other similar options. It just happens to have no influence.

25 Dec 2018 dbAdmin

PS. Anansi is in there because it's my current favorite card, even though it has proven annoying to so many matchups and I hate playing against it.