The Dark Side of the Moon - 1st at Hockley Regional

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That's no moon, it's a tech startup (BABW Winner)
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The Dark Side of the Moon has a Cold
Moonsterity (2nd @ Polish Nationals)
The Dark Side of the Cyber-Moon (5th UK Nats 2017)
Goodbye, you won't be missed (2nd @ French Nationals)
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Nemamiah 3938

For those who are interested, this is where our group collaboration on the Moons list has currently ended up.

The latest iteration has added a Blacklist, primarily to combat Bloo Moose economy engines but also with all sorts of fringe benefits against DLR, conspiracy breakers and Shaper shenanigans. In order to support it we've added a few more cheap hard End The Run ice, which also help you stick the all important turn one Moon.

We're still playing SFT over ABT, and it's still breaking open games where your opponent was previously just about managing to control the board. ABT is a bit easier to score and is absolutely fine in this deck, but Moons is a tempo list and that's what SFT does best.

Our 'Core' list has 48 common cards and a generous one flex slot. I have an Eli 1.0 in there because I was expecting noted Siphon enthusiasts and Dypers to be at the Regional; Tim currently has a second Lakshmi and Theo has a second CSM.

This deck was undefeated on the day and is still nuts. I'll keep playing it until a savage MWL update pries it from my cold, dead hands.

Runner deck that went with it is here

30 Jul 2017 Cerberus

Interestingly Mark and I ended up on the same ice suite in recent weeks. It's what I had for the hudds win.

30 Jul 2017 clercqie

I've always preferred the 3rd DBS over the 3rd Turtles. Care to elaborate a bit on the decision there?

Congrats with the win! :-)

31 Jul 2017 MikeJS

Congrats on the win Chris!

@clercqieI can't speak for @Nemamiah, but I know when I played this recently, the determining factor for me was which would I rather have 3x of rezzed given the chance.

My question is about ELP. I've played this list with 3x ELP and have always valued having one in play (early and consistently throughout the game) immensely. When did the cut to 2 happen, and have you missed the 3rd at all?

31 Jul 2017 Nemamiah

That's pretty much it for why three Turtlebacks over DBS. It's only add that Turtlebacks can help the otherwise potentially awkward games where you can't stick an early Moon, and are really helpful against Siphon decks and DLR.

I haven't missed the third ELP; operations have to be incredibly high value in this deck to be better than an asset. The biggest change is that there's less Rumour Mill about, so it's not quite so crucial to have to clear a current straight away. You can still stick an ELP fairly often, but you need to be a bit more careful about when you play them.

30 Aug 2017 Matuszczak


Congrats on the win. It never ceases to impress me how you guys work together and arrive at a "48 card core".

Have you been testing MCA Austerity? My limited experience piloting moons suggests it's a very valuable addition. Scoring Food becomes a lot easier and the FC3 synergy helps a lot. Have you guys had the chance to test it yet? My current list has 3, cutting Eli, Quandary & Lakshmi, but I'm curious what you guys think, you know the deck inside out.