Compilation Hayley 2 (Swedish Nationals Winner) (MWL 3.3)

mcbeast 1018




17 people was brave enough to get to Stockholm and play in the Swedish Nationals 2019. I was lucky enough to make my way to a win with this deck together with standard Hostile Gagarin. A big thank you to the organizers, everyone I met and I had a lot of fun games during the days!

During the day I played against:

Game 1: Bye

Game 2: NBN Making News (win)

Game 3: The Outfit (ID), although we played for fun and Hayley won

Game 4: Hostile Gagarin (win)

Tiebreaker: Hostile Gagarin (win)

Top Cut, Game 1: The Outfit (loss)

Grand Finals: Hostile Gagarin (win)


This deck is a refined version of Compilation Hayley, with focus on effective breakers and recursion from Brahman (bouncing D4, Lady etc). The deck is extremely fun to play and you always have a lot of lines to take.

While writing this, the new MWL have not been announced yet, so we'll just have to wait and see how the meta changes. Also, the new cards that was recently released was not legal during this tournament.

I won't go in card by card, but basically you want a starting hand with Professional Contacts and Aesop's, and pray that the Corp doesn't play Scarcity of Resources (which is really good against this deck). Draw for other cards, get money, shop things you don't need and Compile for breakers or other stuff you need.

Again, Hayley is great fun to play, Compile is a good card and I'm looking forward the new meta and hopefully this archetype will still be viable to play. Cheers!