Unvendicative Maxx (3-1 - 4th Padua Regional -2nd Swiss)

sengir80 47

For my first (and last) Regional I wound like to play one of my two beloved girls... was very doubtful but finally I choose Maxx, played on Smoke mat. :-D

Turn 1 - BlueSun - Saan (WIN) I set up early and get 2 point with a lucky HQ access. DDM took other 3 points after a couple of turns. He scored out only Hostile Takeovers giving me free money to access HQ every turn without falling down in HHN range. Then I search for maw to prevent the combo loss, but they were all milled out, so before to levying I decided to take advantage of free HQ runs and Rebirth in Kim: he trashed Biotic and let me the opportunity to SOT to DDM for the win.

Turn 2 - Titan - Sid (Win) I stole a lucky first turn Atlas, followed by another agenda stimacked. When I set up the money to run every turn he concede.

Turn 3 - Argus - Juan (Win) Best game of the day. I set up and stole as usual (:-D), stealing 3 points from HQ and a naked takeover, I only make a mistake not checking a naked server, where he scored a Chronos Project wiping away every breaker but Orchestra. I was thinking on concession but before I decided to have another turn: inject find me Maw and trashed orchestra, so I bow the head and hammered HQ until he bleed in a couple of turn into archives the points I needed. Lucky but deserved win.

Turn 4 - Diego - MTI (loss) Never in game, he locked me out brutally.

Cut - Diego - MTI (loss again) This time I tried for the rush way with a well placed first turn: first click current, then run into naked HQ expecting the Cortex he installed, I trash my whole hand (2 IHW + Paperclip and Orchestra) and draw 6. Click 3 DDM on R&D for 2 agenda.

Five turns later I stole a sniffed Nisei with Stimhack with a fake scoring window created the turn before, then he lock-me out with a too-much expensive remote.

Lovely deck and opponents.