Why did I spend 10 inf on this again? - 1st at CBI

leachrode 1202

This list went undefeated (8-0) at the Circuit Breaker, beating Ob, Aginfusion, The Outfit, NEH, Asa and 3 R+. Across those games I installed boat once and Moshed it 5 times because it looked too expensive in every single matchup. I also never played Labor Rights, realised that the Wildcat should just be the third Steelskin but that there were only 2 because Snarebears played 3 Gacha for some reason when I "borrowed" the list, and cut Hush at the last minute because it's unimplemented on jnet and I didn't want to figure out how to manual it.

10/10 wouldn't change a thing, the deck felt super smooth, like it had answers in all my matchups and the answers I needed flowed super cleanly in the cut games against a wall of R+

16 Jan 2023 Alcyon

Congrats on the win! No cuts even though boat felt too expensive? You could play Simulchip for Botulus and Bravado with that inf...

16 Jan 2023 leachrode

Thanks @Alcyon!

Jokes aside, boat is still probably the right place to spend influence (although Bravado would be pretty sweet). The meta is currently warped quite hard around corps that make boat less good than it would otherwise be, but I hit a fairly unlikely string of exact matchups where it was hard to install (against Ob, NEH and the Asa in question there was never enough ice to be worth it and all the R+ matches went down the alternative timeline where they stick an early Drago and Hoshiko has to just fight through it with money and pinholes, by the time I was stable it was never quite actually necessary). On another day you could very easily have an entire swiss run of Outfit and Aginfusion and be desperate for boat so you can safely face check before the game gets completely out of hand.

I would probably cut the wildcat for a third Steelskin, if just because it looks cleaner in the list