Stealth Kate - Metro Detroit GLC Top Qualifier

rnishimura 159

Went undefeated in 5 swiss rounds. Wins against Jinteki: RP, HB:EtF, Weyland: BABW, Nisei Division and Jinteki Biotech.

31 May 2015 hypomodern

I have to ask about the lack of card draw! Obviously it was firing on all cylinders, but is there a plan of action you used to work around the lack of diesel/QT?

31 May 2015 sruman

This is a very interesting build as I would have said (and clearly been wrong) that it needed more card draw and more money, just Kati and Sure Gambles seems like having to trash assets would be very painful econ wise. Did the usually early Kati just carry you through?

31 May 2015 rnishimura

Thank you for the questions and comments! These two questions are kind of related actually, so let me start tackling them together.

On previous versions of this deck I was running 3x ProCo and that was my main economy/draw engine. After analyzing some statistics of a few games, I noticed that on average I wasn't actually using ProCo much more than once per turn (I think it was on average 1.27 times/turn), so I decided to replace it for Symmetrical Visage and that has been working just as well.

Draw engine: Indeed, I was recently noticing the lack of card draw, like Diesel or QT. It would be nice to add some of them, but I'm just not sure what to replace them for. Any suggestions? But, to be honest, in most games I wasn't feeling the need to use them. Maybe it's because of the many redundancies on the deck... But again, I'm totally open to suggestions to make this deck stronger! :)

Economy engine: Yeah, trashing assets is indeed very painful for this deck! I avoid trashing assets as much as possible. I usually don't trash economy assets and only trash assets that really need to be dealt with, such as Caprice, Ash or a rezzed San San. So, for that matter, an early Kati has been working just fine. But again, I'm open to ideas on how to improve this deck, since economy is, in fact, something that this deck struggles a bit.