Punitive Shop - 3rd at Sheffield, 11th at York

RotomAppliance 2575

This isn't exactly the same as what I took to Sheffield, which had 1 Slot Machine and +1 Daily Quest instead of the Architects, but the deck plays the same. The deck is modelled around the Euros winning Blue Sun list, with some changes.

This feels like quite a high variance deck - the draws when you connect your Oversights / Building Blocks with your large ice can be crushing, but if that doesn't happen the game can be miserable, as your big ice are not strong cards by themselves, and your punitive threat isn't live without money. Since Corps seem to be struggling at the moment, the variance is OK, if not my usual style of play.

I switched to 3 Building Blocks / 2 Oversights rather than vice versa - in testing, Oversight was extremely unreliable, as the Orion was often broken, and when you factor in the saved click and saved install cost of Building Blocks, the value is usually comparable. Excalibur was a welcome addition post MWL and can provide extra outs in some situations. Mother Goddess is a consideration for a restricted card, but the amount of AI or pseudo AI makes it not that appealing.

The deck went 2-1 at both regionals, and could probably be tuned further - the ice suite is pretty flexible. I've seen Fairchild 3.0, Slot Machines, Eli 1.0 in there, and I think Tollbooth is a possibility to add some tax against Wu, while being a strong presence against other runners. At York the Architect addition was difficult to judge, as I never rezzed one.

Thanks to all players and organisers at both events, for making them enjoyable to attend!