Concentrated Tyranny

CaKnuckleguy 365

"But the runner will just trash Prana Condenser" they tell me.

"It'll never flatline anyone" I've been told.

"It's a bad card" some supposedly 'respected' person once told me.

Well I'm here to tell you that two out of those three people are absolutely correct. Prana Condenser won't flatline anyone, and runners will trash it. But that's fine. That's what you want. You want a threat that the runner must deal with, expending time and resources to not die, all while you get paid for doing something that comes as easy as breathing to this deck.

They have to run through a Kakugo to get it? Hey, you have a Kakugo rezzed that only cost you 1 credit! And they still had to pay to get in and trash it. Tempo! That's not a bad card. That's a value card. Sting nets you 3 credits when you score it, or when they steal it. Value! House of Knives is 9 credits if you don't need it to protect Obo's? VALUE!

Oh...and then there is the Tyranny part. That's Tyr + Ganked. Why not use that fat, juicy Condensed money to slam a runner face first into Tyr for the second time in a run?

Or worse...a server of Komainu (hand size) into Konjin forcing into Komainu (hand size x2) into Ganked! back into Komainu again (hand size x3) and that'll all with a server that can STILL BE USED TO SCORE AGENDA FROM! What's not to love?

I mean, it's still a PE 1000 cuts deck that has the same weaknesses to tech cards. Neural EMP's can easily be silver bullets like Voter Intimidation instead. Or Enforcing Loyalty. Whatever, flavor to your choice.

But now this is a 1000 Cuts PE that can feed on it's own cuts to get more money. Mmm...tasty net damage.

6 Feb 2020 Bilby

Oh I’m playin this. As soon as I saw prana condenser I imagined more or less this list. Hadnt considered ganked + Komainu!! Reminds me of Mumbad grid + Komainu + grail from a couple of years ago :):):):)