Engolo Steve - 4th at Netscape Store Champ

RotomAppliance 2500

This is the Steve deck I took to 4th at this big SC yesterday. It went 2-1-4 and got rather carried by a stronger corp, beating Acme and Earth Station, getting a tie against R+ and losing to Sync, CTM, PD and BTL.

Since you're accepting a bad matchup against Sports and BTL, playing this isn't recommended unless you don't know what you're doing on anarch, like me. I do think most NBN matchups are decent, and that the CTM and Sync losses were possibly winnable with better play, as was probably the R+ tie as well. The Earth Station deck I beat was the BTL combo ported into a different ID where I managed to sniff out that the Corp had the combo early and steal Gotay with a Legwork, but I couldn't beat the mastermind Pinsel playing his twist of the combo out of BTL.

Thanks to Aki and the team for a well run 70 player event!

9 May 2021 NtscapeNavigator

No sneakdoor seems unusual for a steve deck?

29 May 2021 tantale

You seem very low on MU. What would you thing of replacing Rezeki with Prepaid VoicePAD?