Butterly Collection (3-1 Gamescape GNK)

PineppleBush 47

This is a fun expansion on Mushin PE decks, leaning a bit more towards never advance with all the assets and 3-1 agendas. Hangeki is a fun card, it just really needs a target - so my go to target is psychic field. Bonus of you can first rez a resonator before playing hangeki. Resonator plays just like an asset neural emp with the benefit of not having to hold it in hand and costing the runner a click and 2 creds to trash. I got 1 win of the day against Hayley by rezing resonator than scoring a Sting! which trashed a green card to put a counter on resonator. Game Changer has not paid off yet, but it still seems fun to me. There seems like there's more to develop in the -1 aggenda point 1000 cuts PE space.

All in all fun stuff, give it at try.

29 May 2020 GingercredMan

Nice, was looking for a deck featuring Storgotic Resonator, this one looks very fun.