ScamStrike (3rd US Nationals)


Heavily based on RotomAppliance's ScamShop list. Here's his writeup for how to actually play this:

I was expecting a lot of Mti Glacier, so I brought in Estrikes instead of the Source/Film Critic combo. What I actually ended up facing was a ton of Palana Glacier which is... basically the same matchup. If you want to see how favored this list is, check out any of the games I played on stream where I consistently forgot how Turning Wheel worked and still managed to win. This deck eats Glacier's lunch.

I also added in Diversion of Funds and basically never played them. You might want 1-2 to keep people honest, but 3 feels absolutely wrong.

Amina vs. Abagnale felt pretty marginal. There was at least one game where Amina applied some econ pressure, but also one game where Abagnale's bypass would have sealed the deal for me, so who knows. I think it's probably Abagnale since you don't really need additional help winning grindy games.

Overall, I faced: 1 Mti Glacier, 5 Palana Glacier (1 on Obokata, 4 on GFI), and one Skorp. I went 6-1 overall, with the one loss coming against Skorp where I just was nowhere near fast enough and got solidly whupped.

Sorry if this is kind of scant/all over the place, I am honestly shocked this went as well as it did. Turns out that playing Glacier Hate is good when you get to play Glacier all day.