Asset Asa (Top Swiss 21 person SC)

Angedelo 1371

I’ve been playing various versions of this deck for ages, since well before worlds 2019 with a decent amount of success. The problems it had were how to beat apoc and how to beat film critic, so i was pretty pleased with the new mwl! Plus GFI being released meant I could test a load of games with that instead of vacheron. I’m fairly certain GFI is better, you are vulnerable on centrals early while building your board, and losing an early vacheron was devastating - losing a gfi less so.

I think the deck is good, it fits my style of having multiple lines to victory at any point. Primary win con is to use Asa to build a strong board, draw a zillion cards and score a successful field test to dump your hand onto the table. Then use lakshmi to cheese out the rest of the points. But you also have mca and biotic to back you up.

Usually what happens is the runner either leaves your stuff alone to try to win quick and you can use your win cards to just blaze past them. Or they spend time and money denying your win cons and then you can start to just score agendas behind tour guides and gatekeepers while they try to find the money and breakers to get in.

Think there’s plenty of room for tweaking things for certain matchups, but if you like fairly non linear corp decks then give it a shot. It’s got a decent 419 matchup as he will struggle to draw enough cards to find breakers whilst maintaining econ and stopping you winning with lakshmi. Shaper is a decent matchup since no film critic plus they can’t trash your stuff, although pelangi euler is tricky since it wrecks tour guide. Not really played vs much reg anarch so jury is out, freedom is a bit of a nightmare so you have to get creative, can’t rely on keeping cybernetics court and a 9 card hand.

Deck went 3-2 across swiss and cut but felt good even in the losses, just shipped 4 points from single accesses turn 1 & 2 in both so there was no margin for error.

21 Jun 2020 just_rob

If - Like me, you got stomped by 419 all day in this tournament, this IS the deck you want to be on instead.

22 Jun 2020 CritHitd20

Deck looks great. How did DQ perform day of? I've tried it in Asa and had poor experiences.