The New Apocalypse - 34th Place APAC

CowboyTintin 216

Pretty much a super aggressive apoc build.

Get money as soon as possible, which is generally pretty quick, maybe snipe an early agenda from a remote, then when you get the sense the next agenda is gonna be advanced, apocalypse.

Actually, this deck seemed to work surprisingly well. It was very fast (sometimes almost immediate) to set up your primary power turn conditions, can actually generate a lot of credits (often around 35-55), and can even have a significant late game pressure if you Labor Rights back something like a Kati and some Rezekis.

Every game I played was close, which is in my opinion a good sign. Ended up losing to a double Tour Guide RnD protection from a CtM, and just barely was locked out of an apocalypse, even after amping up, against a Bio-Vault/Nisei MK double end the run...

This deck also went 2-3 in the APAC. Again, not very good showing, but those three losses were close, so I'm satisfied enough.