Most Boring Hosh (undefeated in swiss @ NANPC Boston, 7th)

erika 139

Literally nothing interesting about this deck. I have no idea why it's allowed.

Won against Wyld's PE, Dan's Ag, Coldlava's Ob, and Chris's Sports in swiss, before losing to Henry's iceless Thule in the cut. If that keeps being a deck, the only change I'd make to this is finding room for an Imp so you can trash key operations from the corps that care about putting an A+B together. If I could have twinning'd HQ to trash the Oppo/Distributed or whatever and then go break all his toys I think the matchup would be super favored.

Thanks to Notagain, Whiteblade, Ysengrin and everyone else for a sick tournament.

30 May 2024 enkoder

Love the inf spent on Takobi! Hopefully it pulled it weight :)

31 May 2024 erika

It feels better than turbine against hb decks, since your breakers already hit magnet/drafter/stale gatekeeper/etc. and then the takobi pushes you past brans and fresh gatekeepers. An ice Carver saves 3 influence but makes beating the 6 strength breakers a multi card combo. Also takobi is just a more interesting card in terms of decision making than turbine imo