Gachapon Hivemind Maxx

ilksvorbern 28

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Took out Earthrise in favour of Gachapon. It was fine since the deck seemed crazy poor all day, and it will usually find you something good. Learnt a lot playing it but went 0-4 - some close games, but the lines, especially late game, can be very hard to find.

Macrophage was a huge issue. I'd like to get better at playing this deck but couldn't work out how to have any money. The bin breakers felt both useless (because I was so poor) and essential (because otherwise you can get locked out).

1x Knobkierie was fine. 2x Imp was great - but remember to use it and run your opponent's HQ when you've got 7 tags and they've indicated they can kill you the next turn!

Conduit was deeply underwhelming all day, despite having turns where I saw 8/9 cards. I really wanted a copy of The Turning Wheel in its place.